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Soak in a luxurious mineral salts bath or treat your feet to something neat with the added fun of bubbles.
Choose a luscious fragrance to help put you in the desired mood. Ingredients are listed at the bottom of the page. Recommended usage amount is 2 to 3 caps depending upon the amount of bubbles needed. 14 ounces.

$10 each.

A lush floral similar to gardenia but with a lighter smoother top note. A delightful floral blooming with fruity top notes. A touch of jasmine with muguet and rose for a mysterious blend..
We put the lime essential oil in the coconut and arrived at a scent that takes you immediately to the tropics. Playful yet seductive.A blend of eucalyptus and spearmint essential oils. Eucalyptus to improve concentration and spearmint to help focus. A very clean combination..
The warm essence of woods and patchouli with notes of vanilla, cinnamon, clove, eucalyptus, lavender. A mild Incense scent of Japanese temples. A stand alone floral and romantic scent that is reminiscent of warm summer evenings. A classic scent enjoyed by all.
A calming, relaxing timeless classic. Made with pure non-blended Bulgarian lavender essential oil. An invigorating, refreshing scent with notes of lemon, herbs, apple and a touch of mint. A very refined and refreshing fragrance.
A stimulating and earthy lemon scent that will lift lift the spirits and awaken the senses.   Fresh as the morning rain with a touch of fragrant orchid. A very clean, beautiful and lasting fragrance.
A delicate, gentle scent of sweet peas blooming along a garden fence. A light floral with a hint of peach undertones.  A clean, invigorating, fresh nice and light sage fragrance. A perennial favorite of ours since 2007.

Ingredients: epson salt, *dead sea mineral salt, *pink Himalayan mineral salt, baking soda, *sodium laurel sulfoacetate (foaming agent) and fragrance or essential oils.

*Dead Sea salt contains 73.95% sodium chloride, 14.55% potassium, 9.26% magnesium, 0.04% calcium with the remaining 2.20% being moisture and trace elements.

*Pink Himalayan salt contains 98% sodium chloride, 0.24% magnesium, 0.26% potassium, 0.24% calcium with the remaining 1.26% being moisture and trace elements.
*Sodium laurel Sulfoacetate is a long chain molecule of the foaming agent family. Its long molecule will not penetrate the skin like its cousins. There is no absorption hazard and thus is a safe and effective foaming agent.

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